We're running sessions in 2022.

Our plans for 2021 were interrupted by covid and we managed to run only a few courses.

We will continue to put the safety and welfare of our volunteer teams and our students first and will plan our courses with this in mind (and in accordance with any current guidance and law that might be put in place.)

Dates that we can offer and which might have spaces available will be published here.

Our Next Training Dates

Saturday 20th August 2022RYA Dinghy Training
Saturday 27th August 2022RYA Dinghy Training
Saturday 10th September 2022RYA Dinghy Training

Please click here if you would like to contact us about joining a course. Let us know what dates you would like to attend. If you want us to train children it helps to know their age.

Please note that applying does not guarantee a place, we will let you know as soon as possible if we are able to accept you onto the day(s) that you would like.

To obtain a "level" or "stage" of RYA training takes 2 days.


We can offer training for adults and juniors to the same standard as professionally run centres.

We have a team of experienced RYA qualified instructors and safety crew ready to provide a safe and enjoyable programme to get you on the water and sailing with confidence.

Everyone in the team is a volunteer and we rely on them giving up their spare time to plan and run these courses. We all do our best but we don't have people sitting in an office dealing with enquiries full (or even part) time.

We try to publish a calendar of training dates as early as possible but sometimes have to ask students to join a course without as much notice as we (or they) would like depending on instructor and safety crew availability.

What will you learn?

All our sailing courses are offered in dinghies of various classes.

If you complete your course successfully, you will have learnt how a boat sails and how to sail a small boat.

First Aid Courses

We are running RYA First Aid courses this year - dates will be shown above where there are spaces available.

The course lasts for one day but will only run if there are sufficient candidates to make it viable.

Cost? Only £110 to non-members and £60 to members.

Power Boats

We also run training courses for power boats with a range of boats and engines.


you can do some of the courses we offer but it will cost you more so why not take the plunge and join us ..... go on, it doesn't cost much to be part of RSC!).

Overview of Youth RYA Dinghy Beginner's Courses

RYA YSS Stage 1

RYA YSS Stage 2

RYA YSS Stage 3

RYA YSS Stage 4

A basic understanding of how a boat sails, with some experience of steering and handling the boat

A range of sailing skills and knowledge to help you start to become a confident sailor

Rigging, launching and sailing in any direction. Equivalent to Level 2 in the National Sailing Scheme

Sail a double handed boat as crew or helm, and solve a variety of problems afloat.

Assumed knowledge None Stage 1, or basic knowledge of sailing and some boat steering ability Sailing skills to the standard of Stage 2 Sailing skills to the standard of Level 3
Minimum duration 2 days or equivalent 2 days or equivalent 2 days or equivalent 2 days or equivalent
Minimum age None - our discretion None - our discretion None - our discretion None - our discretion
Course content Launching and recovery, steering, parts of the boat, basic sailing Basic sailing skills, ropework, collision avoidance Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery, sailing theory Rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques and manoeuvres in crewed boats, recovering a man overboard
Ability after course Able to steer and understand basic principles Able to tack, have some control of boat speed and understand basic principles Able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions Can launch and return to a jetty or mooring, and sail a crewed dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions
Content coming soon.........

RTC Certificate

First Aid

We offer this shore-based training when there's enough demand.

Click the icon below to contact us about these courses:

First Aid Courses at RSC