Own a Firefly, 14 or a Solo?

Then please come and join us for our Open meeting

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You can find medical and parental consent (and any other generic) forms at the bottom of the page.

You can also sign up for any of our open meetings online here.

Fireflies: Saturday 12th May from 09:00

14 Open NoR 2020.pdf
Firefly Open NoR 12th June 2021 ver 2.pdf
Entry Form 2018.pdf
Firefly Open NoR 2019.pdf
Open NoR 2018.pdf
Firefly Open NoR 2020.pdf

14s: Races on Saturday 12th May at 15:00 and Sunday 13th May at 11:00 and 14:00

14 Entry Form 2018.pdf
14 Open NoR 2020.pdf
14 Open NoR June 2021.pdf
14 Open NoR 2019.pdf
14 Open NoR 2018.pdf

Solos: First Race on Sunday 13th May at 11:00

Solo Open NoR 2019.pdf
Solo Open NoR 2020.pdf
Solo Open NoR 2018.pdf
Solo Open NoR 22nd May 2021.pdf
Solo Open Poster 2020.pdf
Solo Entry Form 2018.pdf

Other documents

RSC Menu Open.pdf
Entry Form Generic.pdf
Medical Form (Generic).pdf
RSC Open Meeting Sailing Instructions 2021-2024.pdf
Parental Consent Form.pdf
RSC Open Meeting Sailing Instructions 2017 -2020.pdf